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About The Program

We’ve all heard the catch phrase, if you want to build a successful business you need to work Smarter and not Harder...

But when they say this, does anyone go deeper and explain what that actually means? 


Why is Smarter Important, What to Do, How to Do it and When to Do those things...?


Nope... because they have no idea. It is clever, cliched and cool but has no substance behind it.


"Working Smarter"

From over 2 decades in this industry and 16 years of building and owning a painting business today. I can vouch that Working Hard is a Prerequisite and telling business owners they should Work Smarter and not Harder without any Context just adds confusion and overwhelm!


Working Smarter is about Working Hard in the Right Areas at the Right Time. And Understanding the Critical Drivers that when worked on over a consistent period of Time produce the desired Result.


"Do the Right Hard Work at the Right Time"

Smarter is understanding that we need to ‘Do the Right Hard Work at the Right Time’ and thereby creating Your very Own Routine, Process and Practice.


When you can consistently do the right things at the right time it becomes habitual and gets easier. 


Those things that were hard before become easy. 


This is when those ‘Smart Work Habits’ that were once unknown and difficult become a Routine...and Practice makes Permanent.


There are 3 areas we need to consistently work on to get our time back, make the money we want and work towards the level of freedom we intended when we started our business journey.


And so we can get off the ‘proverbial’ hamster wheel, move from Groundhog Day and go back to loving the process of the things that we do each day.


I am passionate about helping painting owners achieve their business and personal success - and that financial success is only part of the journey, we’re aiming for holistic success.


P.S. ...Money alone won’t make you happy....


And understanding that we have a collection of different lives that make us who we are today.


Those lives include our:

• Physical and mental health

• Business and financial

• Relationships and family

• Community and personal growth



"How Can You Transform’’ your busy overworked days, weeks and groundhog years into the life and business you want.

Kick Start Your Painting Business

"Kick Start Your Painting Business" is a 28 Day Foundational Program that is the result of 16+ years of running and owning a high 7 figure painting business that works without being on the tools.

Even Through the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) in 2008 that crippled the financial world and stopped construction and lending for years, devastating floods in 2011 in Brisbane that wiped out our businesses and homes and COVID-19 that has shut down the world's economy... 


This Foundational program is the exact Practice and Process from 10+ years of working on the Right areas at the Right Time with the Intention of Achieving Holistic Success.


• Physical and mental health

• Business and financial

• Relationships and family

• Community and personal growth


Thereby giving you:

• More Time

• Your Desired Income

• And the Freedom you Intended when You Started Your Business


How we do this by taking the already ‘Hard Work’ you are already doing and teaching you the Critical Areas to Prioritise and direct your Energy towards, so You can create your very Own Working Smarter Practices... 


If You Are Wanting to Finish off 2020 on a High and Kick Off 2021 with Momentum, Focus and Avoid another ‘Groundhog Year’ let’s chat and see if we’re the Right Fit for each other. 


Join the Painters Inner Circle - "Kick Start" Program Now and Move Away from Being Overworked and Having No Time...

About Your Coach


Tas Moulis

I'm Tas Moulis and I help successful painting business owners who are stuck ‘in’ their business or don’t know how to scale it. I help them with the 3 main functions covering – how to market, how to sell and how to deliver their services in a predictable way.


Look forward to helping you build the business you intended to.

What Others Have To Say

Pete Maidment


Being fairly new to running a business, Tas and his knowledge has been unbelievably valuable. Highly recommended contacting if you need a bit of coaching!

Barry Bloem


Tas is a motivator to a lot of people in all trades. He is a great person and an excellent business operator. Always going out of his own way to help other people succeed like himself.

Chris Trewin


Tas has a very informative easy way of coaching which indirectly makes you reflect honestly whether in business and life, and where your potential can be unlocked.

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